In fact, it's the most accurate heavy 5.56 ammo I've shot through my 18″ SPR, which has seen plenty of 69gr SMKs, 75gr Hornady BTHPs, and 77gr SMKs (most of which were loads from Black Hills). The new Black Hills 5.56mm 77gr TMK looks to be a capable load, with accuracy that will please hunters and target shooters alike.
Black Laminate thumbhole stock Tensioned barrel – threaded ½-28 2.75 lb BX-trigger ... .223 Rem/5.56 NATO, .243 Win, .308 Win Recognizing that the lever action is more than ever alive and well ...
Totally fragmented on auto glass and splashed the front of the gel block with lead and glass particles (the black smears) v. 2885 fps Penetration – 6 inches (one fragment) Retained weight – 9.5 grains Expanded Diameter – fragments only. Winchester 55 grain soft point Auto glass v. 2795 fps Penetration – 7.5 inches Retained weight – 24 ...
I am liking the mk262. Black Hills civvies box says 5.56 77gr OTM. Works close and is retarded accurate far. There are a lot of articles about how the spec ops guys started using it. They actually started stealing it from the snipers and DM's. Seems to work great from SBR's on up.
All three 77gr Black Hills long range precision loads gave me the identical 100 yards accuracy of average 0.5-0.7 inch groups out of both of my testing rifles with 18-inch barrel. With my heavy barrel 16-in Canadian C8 SFW clone, the average accuracy is 1.36 inch at 100 yards.
When it comes to choosing 5.56 NATO ammo for home defense and general all-around use, I would love to say that ammo brand “X” can hit the bullseye at silly distances, drop a monster buck on ...
black hills ammunition (in stock) - 0.0. 380 auto 60gr honeybadger ammo. black hills ammunition (in stock) - 5.0 (1) 308 winchester 175gr match hollow point ammo ...
Heavy OTM bullets tend to perform pretty well in tissue, even though they are not designed with terminal performance in mind. We've seen less than optimal pe...@View products #1 Hot Shop for Best Price Best 20 Gauge Shotgun 2018 And Best Auto Shotgun Box Magazine .
We supply all match 5.56 ammunition for the US Military's Service Rifle Teams and provide specialty ammunition for specific military operations. Our success also hinges on providing reasonably priced .223 and Cowboy Action ammunition in more calibers than any other company. Serious shooters use Black Hills Ammo.
Auction starts ending at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time with four (4) lots ending per minute. Ending date and time subject to change. Any item with bid placed within last two minutes will be extended additional two minutes until bidding has ended.
All three 77gr Black Hills long range precision loads gave me the identical 100 yards accuracy of average 0.5-0.7 inch groups out of both of my testing rifles with 18-inch barrel. With my heavy barrel 16-in Canadian C8 SFW clone, the average accuracy is 1.36 inch at 100 yards.
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Aug 03, 2020 · Barnes 5.56 85gr OTM BT; Black Hills 5.56 50gr Barnes TSX; Black Hills 77gr Tipped Match King; Black Hills Mk262 Mod 1; Federal 69gr Gold Medal Match; Federal Fusion and Fusion MSR vs. Speer Gold Dot; Hornady 5.56 70gr TAP Barrier; Hornady 75gr 5.56 Superformance; M193 Clones; M855 Clones and Comparison to M193; Mk318 Mod 0 and AB49 Jan 12, 2012 · Bullet weight for a 1/7 twist barrel General Rifles and Shotguns
Duplicating Mk 262 Mod 1 - ep1 - Factory Black Hills 77gr OTM tests.mp4 download 204.3M Mk 262 Cloning - pt 2 - Sierra vs Nosler with AA2520.mp4 download
I'd try some of the Black Hills 5.56 77gr OTM. It is the military's M262 Mod1. The best groups I have ever shot were with Black Hills loads. With your twist you can pretty much do whatever load you like and it'll stabilize. For defense use, they load the Barnes TSX in several weights.
100009961 WHITE OAK ARMAMENT 18" Mid-Length SPR Barrel Herstellerproduktnummer: 5SPRM Präzisionsgefertigte Edelstahlläufe verfügen über eine .223 Wylde-Kammer, mit deren Hilfe Sie die Langstreckenleistung Ihres AR-15 sowohl mit .223 Remington als auch mit 5,56 x 45 mm NATO-Munition maximieren können.
Mar 11, 2008 · Anything between 52gr and 69gr. The 1:9 twist is the most versatile for the .223 round, kinda the middle of the road. The best loads for it are Hornady's 68gr OTM or Sierra's 69gr OTM. The best factory target ammo I have found is Black Hills 69gr Sierra Match Kings. The best factory defense load would be Hornady's TAP in 60gr.
Jun 09, 2015 · All three 77gr Black Hills long range precision loads gave me the identical 100 yards accuracy of average 0.5-0.7 inch groups out of both of my testing rifles with 18-inch barrel. With my heavy barrel 16-in Canadian C8 SFW clone, the average accuracy is 1.36 inch at 100 yards.
Black Hills Redbox Tipped 77 grain ammo; Black Hills Military Packaged Mk262 77 grain ammo; Black Hills Military Ammo Can Mk262 77 grain ammo; For each of these selections, if we are out of stock, you should enter your email addressed to be notified when the ammo is in stock. Black Hills Mk262 77 grain ammo is a normally stocked item at Charlie ...
Hodgdon Powder Company operates following Biblical principles to honor God. Our mission is to provide quality products and services in a manner which enhances the lives of our employees, families, customers, suppliers, and our communities.
Apr 15, 2020 · Upper left = rapid fire XM193. Upper right = Black Hills 223 FMJ. Lower left and middle = Black Hills 52 grain Match 223 hala points & Lower right = Black Hills 69 grain Match Tipped 556. 20 mph sustained crosswind. 60 degrees. No humidity. 4,000 foot elevation. Colt 1/9 HBAR 16” upper. Leupold Mark AR mod I 4-12-40 100 yards.. 200 yards.
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Prvi Partizan PPU Ammo Match 223 Rem (5.56 NATO) 69 Grain HPBT [PPM2231] - Ammo Freedom carries prvi ammunition and centerfire rifle rounds. Find prvi 223 remington ammo for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship.
May 04, 2014 · I haven't found a Black Hills round that works for me. I tried their 77gr match and their 69 gr match and, while both were sub MOA, neither got me excited. The best factory load I could find was the Federal Gold Medal match 69gr SMK load. It consistently shoots 1/4 MOA and I haven't looked back.
5.56 NATO M193 55-grain FMJ This is the standard ball M193 NATO military load that uses a non-expanding, 55-grain, full-metal-jacket bullet. It is optimized for use in the M16A1 and requires a ...
Sep 19, 2010 · This chart shows the behavior of the M855 and a 69gr OTM. These are fairly heavy rounds that are FMJBTs. There are a variety of rounds that will penetrate less than these. With proper bullet and load selection, an effective 5.56 round will have less danger to bystanders than standard defensive/duty 9mm, .40, .45, and 12 gauge rounds.
Black Hills Ammo Mil-Pack 5.56 77 Gr MK : $1.14/rd $524.37: Backorder: 14d ago 40s ago Creedmoor Sports: 223 Rem - 77 gr OTM - PMC X-TAC Match (223XM) - 800 Rounds ...
GECO Whitebox 5.56 NATO 55 Grain FMJ 50 Rounds Per Box (Limit 20 Boxes - 1 Case) ... 223 Remington 75 Grain BTHP Match Black 20 Rounds. 003-80267 | Hornady . $15.35 ...
SKU: 556C-OTM-CASE. Qty: Magtech/CBC 5.56x45 Ammo 77 Grain Sierra Open Tip Match Case of 1,000 rounds, new production, non-corrosive, boxer primed, reloadable brass cases
Black Hills makes ammunition that very high quality and is loaded to SAAMI specs so it is compatible with all types of .223 and 5.56 rifles. Even though M855 and M193 work fine, the heavier rounds will tend to begin fragmeting at a shallower depth and produce larger wounds than do the lighter bullets.
Surplus Ammo sells world-class Black Hills ammunition for great prices. If you are looking for rounds for sale, you have found the best source! Shop today!
Black Hills Factory New Rifle Ammunition 300WHISPERN2, 300 Whisper, Sierra Open Tip Match(OTM), 220 GR, 1000fp... $ 30 .18 MPN : 300WHISPERN2 UPC : 612710127627
Find .223 Rem & 5.56 NATO ammunition for sale at Impact Guns with competitive prices in today’s market. We have a large variety of .223 Rem & 5.56 NATO ammo for sale, and are ready to ship direct to your home.
Lake City 5.56 M855 62 grain - 20rd/$20 Silver State Armory 5.56 64gr ssa ppt bonded - 180rds/$240 Privi 223 SP 55gr 60rds/$60 Privi 223 Match 75gr HPBT - $160/$180 SSA 5.56 69gr HPBT (2nds) - 120/$120 Black Hills 75gr Match HP - 50rds/$70 22 ammo Federal 22 bulk 325rds/$60 Papua master L-800rds/$300 40 S&W Remington UMC 180gr JHP 100rds/$100
Winchester 223 rem, 69gr black talon HP match, #s223m, no longer made, supreme, 20rds, there is tape on the ends of the box, see p for sale by Oaks Intl on GunsAmerica - 906304409
Black Hills is a popular and growing ammunition company based out of Rapid City, South Dakota. Located just miles from the famous Black Hills National Forest, the company gets its character and spirit from the rich history of the region, creating ammunition that can be trusted for hunting, self defense, and target shooting.
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Supposedly , specially-built rifles used Army SDMs are using a 77gr OTM round and a 1:7 barrel. The military M-16/M-4 use a 1:7 for the now NATO standard 62gr bullets , but I recall reading they actually wanted the bullet 'over-stabilized' or spinning too fast for more terminal effect hitting the human body.
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Dec 11, 2009 · Black Hills ammo in the 69gr smk gold ammo is listed at 2850fps. I am amazed that some are getting 2870 with 24.5gr of 748 in load data results or 25.5gr. The truth is that load data varies significantly for max loads from book to book and that some load data max loads are reduced for liability purposes.
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